Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering of Soran University was established in 2013 and opened its doors this year. The Faculty of Engineering consists of three departments: Civil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Since its establishment, this faculty has provided a large number of skilled engineers in different specialties to the Kurdistan society.
Graduates of the Department of Civil Engineering serve different sectors of society in various fields of construction, design, construction, development, strengthening and development of basic service infrastructure. Graduates of the Department of Petroleum Engineering also provide significant services in the fields of oil and gas exploration, drilling and oil and gas well services, oil and gas production processes and many other fields. Chemical engineering graduates serve the community in most manufacturing industries, especially oil and gas extraction and refining, petrochemical and food industries.

The Faculty of Engineering currently has an engineering consulting office, which is the only such office in Soran Autonomous Administration. Soran University Engineering Consultancy Office can become an important engineering center to serve and develop different sectors of Soran Autonomous Administration and the Kurdistan Region.