Assessment Criteria

Assessment at Soran University is practiced by a combination of both internal and external examinations; and also in the form of written and practical examinations.

We have four Faculties in our University. Each Faculty has its own mode of assessment based on the rules and regulations specific to the each department and programme. To find out more about how each department or faculty assesses their students, please contact that specific department or faculty.

Marks and rubrices depend on your lecturer and the subjects you study. If you are not sure about the marking criteria you need to get in touch with your lecturer during the University working hours.
Check your cours guidelines or student handbook.

Academic year:

Depending upon the requirements and workload the subjects are scheduled in either one of the semesters or both semesters.


If you are sitting examinations at this university you must be aware of the following:

Please make sure you know which examinations you are taking, the date and time, and the location. Sometimes students come to examination venues and do not know the module code and module title of their exam. Please take necessary steps when you have an exam.

Candidates' behaviour in the exams are essentail for the success of each exam. Any behaviour that disrupts or aims at cheating is prohibited. Some of the actions that are not allowed during examinations are:
Passing of notes or exchange of materials.
Communicating in any way with other candidates.

Grading Scale:

The University has a uniform grading scale. For detailed information contact your respective department as it may vary from time to time.


The results will be published by the Exam Committee soon after the final exams are finished.


You can always appeal the published results if you think that it is not an accurate grade. This should be done in a given time. For more information please contact your department.

What is a Supplementary exam?

A supplementary exam is used as a substitute if a student failed to pass the actual exam.


Students of Soran University must comply with the requirements and obey the exam committee rules and regulation for each assessment item failing to do so is considered misconduct.

Degree and Diploma Certificates:

On completion of your degree you will be awarded Degree and Diploma certificates according to the programme you enrolled in.


Students who have officially passed all the exams and are eligible for graduation will be graduating during the graduation ceremony which takes place once in a year in early July.