Warehouse and Logistics Directorate


Definition of ‘warehouse’:

A warehouse is ‘a ​large ​building for ​storing things before they are ​sold, used, or ​sent out to ​shops’. In the case of Soran University’s Directorate for Warehousing and Logistics, the warehouse is used for the storage of a vast range of items which includes office and accommodation furniture, office equipment including photocopiers, tools and equipment not in current use.

The Directorate is responsible for the issue and retrieval of items to the various faculties and departments, furniture and equipment to the student and staff accommodation facilities and with the responsibility of accurate record keeping of the whereabouts of all these items.

Most of the items are in store temporarily, from purchase until they are ordered and issued to the various departments; this involves careful storage practice to ensure items are easily accessible when required.

Storage of specific items also requires particular attention to humidity and temperature which has to be taken into account.

The logistics side of the directorate is responsible for the collection of purchased items and the delivery of items throughout the university. Careful and appropriate handling of items is an essential part of this role.

Audit and stocktaking is a major task carried out on an annual basis or six monthly as required.

Summary of the work within the Directorate of Warehousing and Logistics:

  1. To collect and store furniture and equipment after purchase
  2. Issuing  of equipment and furniture  directly to appropriate departments
  3. Recovering equipment and tools that have been taken out of warehouse according to the demands and approval of the administration
  4. To audit the equipment and tools (once every six months or annually) in order to balance accounts
  5. To transfer equipment, furniture and tools when a legal administrative signature authorizes transfer between people and/or departments.  Removing equipment or items that are broken or unsuitable from departments and faculties.
  6. To organize the storage of  equipment and tools in the warehouse to ensure ease of access and an appropriate environment
    1. Ensuring that time is managed to enable correct handling and storage of items of equipment and tools.
    2. To appropriately prioritize  the collection of equipment
    3. To store items appropriately particularly those sensitive to light and humidity.